Debbie believes our bodies are the 15th club in our bag.

Debbie Bosdosh, a Personal Fitness Trainer in the Washington Metropolitan area, loves to encourage others in two of her own passions: golf and fitness. Debbie has been in the golf business for 35 years, assisting her husband, Steve Bosdosh, Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Golf Instructor, who introduced her to the game when their children were very young.  Three of her now adult children play competitive/professional golf.  Debbie also plays competitive golf as an amateur.

Her other passion of fitness and nutrition began at a young age, evidence by her active involvement in sports and competitive dance. This discipline in fitness has continued throughout her life and has been passed on to her four children. It has helped her overcome her own neck and back injuries and to stay competitive in golf.  Debbie is certified as personal trainer, as well as a trainer in Golf Specific Fitness through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

She believes in customizing a fitness program that is effective yet simple enough to become fitness for a lifetime.  She is able to customize a program that meets individual needs, goals, schedule, equipment and surroundings.  She believes one can get a total body fitness even if they don’t want to join a gym or do not have a lot of time due to travel and occupational demands.  If the equipment is good and we know how to use it,  we will play better golf.

If you are a golfer who wants to improve your game by improving your fitness, email Debbie at


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