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Deborah Bosdosh

Debbie has four decades of experience in women's and junior golf as a PGA Associate certified instructor, high school golf coach, and golf mom.

Work with me if you are a non-golfer approaching golf for the first time, or a woman looking for a low-pressure introduction to the game.

Individual Instruction: Starting at $100/hour
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Specializes In:

  • Playing Lessons

  • Women's Programs

  • Junior's and Beginners

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Hear from one of Deb's students about her experience

I recently moved to Maryland and I asked my former golf pro/teacher for a recommendation in my new home. But this time - I wanted to find a woman instructor. He recommended Deb at PB Dye and I couldn’t be happier.

I had the basics pretty well down, but on the range I was so inconsistent - it felt like my game depended as much on luck as talent. On the course - that lack of consistency turned into a lack of confidence and ended in frustration.

In just two lessons - Deb helped me fine tune and refine each individual component of my swing (set-up, slight adjustment of grip, back swing, follow-through) into a more cohesive whole. Each adjustment was small - but together it led to significant results.

Now, I am so consistent on the range, that I when I go out on the course - I don’t have to rely on luck! I can actually begin to incorporate strategy. In other words - I have an actual game now and it is so much fun!

I think a woman instructor made the difference. She understood my body better and gave me the advice I needed. Plus - she’s an inspiration and a role model.

I thought of something on my walk this morning. After 2 years of lessons with my male instructor I “was good for a lady golfer” and I think he was satisfied with that.

But I wasn’t. And you weren’t either.

You believed in me. You knew I was capable of more and that made ALL the difference. And in just 2 lessons we accomplished more than I had in 2 years with my male instructor. Because we set our goals higher and believed we could get there. And we did!

ann d.
Deb teaches golf students.

About Debbie

Debbie has been around the game of golf for the past 42 years. She was introduced to the game through her husband, PGA Professional Steve Bosdosh. Steve and Debbie are co-owners of the SBGA. They raised four children allowing her to learn the ins-and-outs of junior golf, college golf, professional tour golf and much more. Debbie was also a golf coach for a co-ed private high school for six years, winning the conference championship multiple times. She has worked at the SBGA for the past 4 years as administrator and instructor. In 2020 she decided to enter the PGA program and she is now a PGA associate in level one.

With Steve as her instructor, she has developed a golf game that allowed her to pass her 36-hole PGA Playing Ability Test, compete in MAPGA section events and other competitive events. Debbie loves the game and understands what it’s like to be a beginner golfer having played around so many good players. That is why she loves to help non-golfers become golfers, help ladies feel comfortable on the golf course, help the average golfer improve their game, while they set and reach their goals.